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What can Oakwood Tree Services do for you

Our services cover a wide range, so you can rest assured that we’ve got the capability and knowledge to undertake work with confidence. Below are the services we can facilitate, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tree removal

Sectional dismantling of trees of all sizes Crown Lifting – Removal of the lower branches to a given height.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves the removal of a proportion of secondary and small, live branch growth from throughout the crown to produce an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure. This operation is usually only performed on broad-leaved trees.

Crown Reduction

This operation involves the removal of the branches to achieve a reduction in the height of a tree.

Crown Cleaning

Crown Clearing involves the removal of dead, diseased, dying and broken branches. This helps maintain tree health.

Removal of Selected Branches

This involves the removal of selected branches that may be causing problems, ie. Overhanging property or obstructing access, etc.

Stump removal

Using specialist stump grinding machinery Woodland management – All aspects of woodland/habitat management Surveys & Reports -Visual tree assessments mortgage reports and hazard tree evaluation


Commercial and domestic Site preparation & Clearance Planting & Aftercare.

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